For many years, I have been part of a charity program going on in Asia and Africa. Our goal is to assist the poor and needy. Please we will like you to be part by your assistance. We have an innocent child from Ghana, who has been diagnosed of renal failure. He needs a Kidney transplant. The poor parent of the child has abandoned him because they can't afford a dialysis or the transplant. The issue was brought to us by a good Samaritan and we had already sent a specialist doctor who has meet the child and is taking care of him, while we source for funds for his transplant (Pictures Attached). The total amount for the surgery is $14,500, a philanthropist friend in USA wired $8,000 to them. Presently, We are in need of $6,500 to complete the fee. I know how hard things are everywhere but we can't abandon this boy to die. The surgery is booked for 20th April 2017. Please come to the aid of this boy and the family.

Please let me know if you can complete the payment by replying this email, or how much you can assist with. I will continue to remember you in prayers as we help save this life.