Homes for the Aged - Gudiyatham, Mannivakkam, Thondamanthurai

We believe that caring for the elderly means striving for excellence through optimum nursing care and a friendly, loving environment. We provide them with a homelike atmosphere. We believe in caring for our senior citizens by providing them with many activities to maintain cognitive skills and opportunities for socialization, a clean and cheerful environment, with opportunities for spiritual enhancement and counseling. The religious services allow them to continue to be devoted to God. Recreation therapy is widely used and it brings a lot of joy and fulfillment to the lives of the elderly. Every effort is made by us to provide the elders with a comfortable, safe and dignified life during the evening of their lives. Regular medical checkup is conducted here. Our mission is to provide a loving and spiritual community for older adults to live lives of caring and wholeness inspired by our Annite foundation of fraternity, service and prayer.Although it is only relief work, it is a necessary ministry. The service rendered by our sisters to the elderly is an important mission that needs special care and attention. This ministry can be of great help to the Church and to society.

Home for the terminally ill - Burdwan

Since 2010, we have been working here in Chetana Community Care Centre (CCCC) at Jhinguti, Burdwan (West Bengal) serving the most vulnerable community of the PLHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS). This program aims at reducing HIV/AIDS related morbidity and mortality in adults and children, lessening the impact of HIV on children and women through prevention, treatment, care, and instilling God’s compassionate love. At present 20 destitute children affected by the disease are under our care.

Home for the physically challenged - Kodur

In our society with so many divisions on the basis of caste, creed and status, the handicapped are even more marginalized since they are dependent on others for the rest of their lives. Hence they are considered a burden to their families and sometimes a punishment for the family by God. Hardly 5% of the deaf, blind and the mentally retarded children get any facility for education in our country. The few specialized institutions cater mostly to upper class elite society are concentrated in urban areas. Keeping this in mind,we with a strong vigor work for the physically challenged children at Kodur.

Objectives of our deaf and dumb school at Kodur

  • To love and include and cater to the needs of the disabled
  • To accommodate the disabled children in our home and provide a chance to learn
  • To improve their health and hygiene through medical checkup and treatment
  • To give them speech therapy,which will facilitate the capacity of hearing.
  • To create more leaders in future.
  • To help them to be optimistic.
  • To help them increase their self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • To make them feel that they too are capable of climbing the ladder of greater heights.
  • To create an atmosphere of acceptance and self-respect.
  • To bring to the physically challenged a hope for the future.
  • To give them psychological stability.
  • To help the families to cope with the physically challenged member of the family and treat him/her with affection and respect.
  • To bring out the best in the physically challenged and to help them develop the skills that they are good at.


01. Our Mission to Irular Community

To uplift the life of irular, a committed group of sisters work at Villupuram. A movement called Pazhangudi Irular Kalvi MembattuThittam has been initiated by them through which many irular children benefit every year. Our sisters are fully involved in educating them by the following strategies:

  • Summer camp
  • Residential School
  • Sending children to other boarding for studies
  • Guiding them to receive higher education and special coaching.

02. Prison Ministry

Our objectives in this ministry
  • To bring the prisoners from the dark cells
  • To comfort them & bring solace.
  • To uphold their lost dignity.
  • To integrate them in the main stream of the society.
  • To heal their brokenness.
  • To enhance their disintegrated families
  • To help them grow spiritually
  • To inculcate good values
  • To bring in reconciliation and settlement
  • To mediate between prisoner and their family
  • To provide legal aids
  • To be united in compassionate relationship with the prisoners
  • To listen to their pour outs
  • To counsel their broken relationships
  • To provide legal awareness
  • To renew, release and rehabilitate
Our activities inside and outside the prison

  • Visiting the prison in regular intervals
  • Helping the prisoner who asked us to communicate to their families through phone and visiting families of the prisoners
  • Taking efforts for reconciliation, compromise and settlement
  • Taking part in the Eucharistic celebration in the prison hospital twice in a week
  • Identifying the most deserving prisoners and helping them to come out in bail
  • Locating benefactors for financial assistance
  • Attending prison ministry India meetings on second Saturdays
  • Providing the medical facilities for the prisoners
  • Finding jobs for them and to live a new life in the society
  • Arranging for free legal aid


No Place Mission Beneficiaries
1 Balichok Boarding Home Tribal girl children
2 Banaswadi Hostel Working women
3 BathuBasti Working Women’s Hostel Tribal women
4 Belpharai Boarding Home Tribal girl children
5 Burdwan Home for Children Children infected with AIDS
6 Bolarum Hostel School children
7 Chethupattu Boarding Home Poor and orphan children
8 Chittoor Hostel Tribal (SC/ST) girl children
9 Christianpet Boarding Home Poor, orphan, tribal and prisoners’ children
10 Cleveland Town Boarding Home Prisoners’ Children
11 Dudhani - Dumka Hostel Tribal girl children
12 Gudiyatham Home for the aged The aged
13 Gunadala Boarding Home Orphan, semi-orphan and poor girls
14 Halasuru Legal Assistance Office Women and the poor
15 Kadappakkam Social Work Centre Dalit women and children
16 Kalakkampadi Social Work Centre Tribal women and children
17 Kattupadi Boarding Home Orphan, semi-orphan, poor and tribal children
18 Kilacheri Boarding Home Orphan, semi-orphan and the poor girl children
19 Kodur Residential School Deaf and dumb children
20 Korukollu Boarding Home Orphan, semi-orphan and poordalit girl children
21 Kumilanguzhi Home for Children Orphan, semi-orphan and poor girls
22 Kuttakadu Home for Children Tribal children
23 Lalgudi Typing and Tailoring Centre Young girls and women
24 Mannivakkam Home for the aged The aged
25 Mettuguda Boarding Home For the abandoned street children
26 Muttom Social Work Centre The poor young girls and women
27 Nagamangalam Boarding Home Srilankan refugees
28 Nandyal
  • Hostel

  • Boarding Home
  • College girls

  • Poor children
29 NGGO Colony Boarding Home Prisoners’ children
30 Parry Nagar Hostel College Girls
31 Pavagada Social Work Centre Dalit women and children
32 Pedda Kottla Boarding School boys
33 Perungudi(Chennai) Typing and Tailoring Centre Poor young girls and women
34 Pudupet Hostel For working women
35 Punalvasal Hostel School children
36 Renigunta Boarding Home Orphan, semi-orphan and poor children
37 Roshanagaram Boarding Home Orphan, semi-orphan and poor children
38 Royapuram Boarding Home Orphan, semi-orphan and poor children
39 Sitheri
  • Social Work Centre

  • Evening Tuition Centre
  • The poor tribal women

  • School children
  • 40 Telaprolu
  • Boarding Home

  • Social WorK
  • Tribal dalit children

  • For poor dalit women
  • 41 Thatchur Tailoring Centre Orphan, semi-orphan and poor children
    42 Theresapuram, Remedial Boarding Home Poor irular children
    43 Thirupathy SC/ST Hostel Poor irular tribal children
    44 Thondamanthurai Home for the aged The aged
    45 Varadarajanpet Hostel The college girls
    46 Velliavilai Home for Children Orphan, semi-orphan
    poor girls
    47 Vellore
  • Working Women Hostel

  • Tailoring Centre
  • Working Women

  • Poor women in Ariyur, Malaikodi
  • 48 Villupuram Social Work Centre Tribal women and children (Irulars)