Jesus’ last instruction to us was a call to announce the Gospel to all nations. Our Lord is inviting us to share in His mission. We are always looking for new and better ways to share the message of Christ with the largest audience possible. St.Paul and the Apostles traveled throughout the known world to preach the Gospel.

We live in a world where media is omnipotent tool for communication. Since it serves as an instrument and a vehicle of human mind, they have “both dangerous conditioning power and if wisely used they have creative power also” (Pope John Paul II).

Our understanding and approach

  • The media has become an integral part in the society and human lives today. The impact of the media on the society and individual is remarkable. The media which was once only an entertainer has become now a strong weapon in the hands of the capitalists to propagate their ideologies. Hence one cannot consider the mass media only for entertainment programmes. It is a powerful tool which causes great impact in the life of an individual as well as society. Since we realize the need of this powerful weapon, we try to use it in an effective manner.
  • We do believe with the Church that the mass media like internet, television, radio, magazines, newspapers, etc., can be used to bring desirable and remarkable changes in the society. So we use them to achieve our goal and to do our ministries in an effective manner.

Mission Statement

We, by our active involvement in this ministry, use the media which is the gift of God and the fruits of human labour, propagate among the people the Gospel values, create media awareness and make media an effective instrument to better the human society.

Our Aim

  • To create awareness among students, teachers and parents.
  • To conduct variety of programmes to make them to know about the advantages and disadvantages of mass media.
  • To reach and coordinate the people of rural area through the mass media easily.

We do the following

  • To use the media properly and fully.
  • To give awareness to the students, teachers and people to know the about both sides of media.
  • To bring out productions which would enable the human society to have development.